We Are Tomorrow


We are determined. We are confident. We are bold. We are unafraid. We believe in ourselves and our abilities. We are trendsetters. We are young and full of life, energetic and ambitious. We are a force to be reckoned with.

We are Millennials, also known as Generation Y, the new generation of leaders,role models, teachers, parents. We are the fresh new faces of the adult world.

We also have grown up in very peculiar times.

The offspring of Generation X, we grew up in a time of major change…an era in which technology boomed, communications increased, entertainment exploded, and exceptions became norms. These factors have all had a profound impact on our growth and development, our beliefs and lifestyles.

We have entered/are entering our adult lives in a time in which “anything goes.” There is basically no such thing as “wrong” anymore. If you merely speak out against something you believe to be unethical these days, you’re labeled as somehow evil…yes, even in a nation that was founded on the basis of free speech, among other principles.

When I watch the news all I see is murder, robbery, rape, war…with a dose of entertainment spliced in between the horrifying stories to switch things up.

I hear about the economy and how unpromising it looks. I hear of the pain and suffering of those hard-working families put out on the street due to no fault of their own. I hear of the plight of those too poor to help themselves, who have no hope of digging themselves out of the deepening hole that a corrupt system has caused them to fall into.

I see our nation elect new leaders…and then everyone gripes about them once they’re in office, spewing hateful messages on social media, and calling for their death in the most disturbing terms imaginable…I mean, what has occurred to respecting our leaders?!?! The leaders we elected, no less. But we treat them worse than garbage.

What has happened to our society? Why is it that things just seem to be going downhill, all the time?

There’s so much wrong in our world. Real truth, real love, and sanity have all but disappeared. But hope is still in our hearts for a better future. But it has to start with us. It’s our responsibility to make things right, starting with ourselves. We can’t change the past, but we can change the present and the future, starting right now.




Millennials For Change…Our Mission


Welcome to Millennials For Change. Our mission is to inspire and empower the young and old alike in working together to create a better world for ourselves, and especially for future generations.

Are you tired of the senselessness going on in our world today? Have you had enough of our leaders’ endless groping for solutions, with nothing to show for their efforts? Are you ready for Real Change?

We are the generation who is in the spotlight right now. The generation who is right now shaping and molding what our world will be like in a few years. We are the next generation of leaders, the next generation of role models. We are the future of this world, and it is in our power to either restore a state of peace and security, or destroy what little is left for our children.

If you are ready to make a difference, join us today on our mission. This mission is important and it starts with us!